[PHP & Ajax]PleskScan v0.1

Hello everyone,

Well it’s been a while since my last post, well yeah that’s what I almost say always xD.

My today’s post has a short story, and I’ll try to rush through it to not overwhelm you with emotions, and stuff yeah I have emotions ūüėÄ see that’s an emotion. Enough with joking, well 2 days ago Kingcope an Exploit developer/research/legend has published an 0day exploit for plesk panel’s yay! so I had an idea, damn wouldn’t it be cool, to have a scanner which goes through a given list of host’s and checks them for Plesk Panel’s, rather then trying them one by one.

It’s always cooler to automate processes like that, so (Yeah I know I can use Google dorks) I wrote a little PHP script that does exactly that, based on patterns it goes through you’re given hosts if an host matches a pattern It’s probably hosting a plesk panel.

All this runs in the background of as I use ajax to show real time data.

Tada! we got a beautiful tiny scanner.

The scanner looks something like this:

pleskdoesn’t it just look cute :3

The usage is pretty simple, you have to enter some hosts to scan divided by a comma the next step would be you to hit check pages and there you go.. brum brum

Please don’t scan any sites that you’re not allowed too, before going through a scanning process ask the administrators for permit to perform a scan, enough said the script can be found here GITHUB and please don’t use this EXPLOIT to do evil.


As i wrote this script king in a rush, it may contain bugs, but as always I welcome any king of suggestion and feedback.


p.s. before using the script you have to do go into you’re php directory and open the file php.ini and uncomment line extension=php_openssl.dll this is required because we have to perform some HTTPS requests.


[Python] Generate QR Image (Google API)

Okay here’s another one, a 25 min code snippet. A simple function that generates you a QR Code¬†image using Google API.¬†It’s something really simple haven’t check if the file exits or not, it’s just a demonstration on how you could use Google API to generate an QR Image.

The function with example can be found: Here (I love Coca Cola)

[PHP] Easy CSS and Javascript handling for different templates

Hello everyone it’s been a while since my last blog post, it’s because I’m pretty busy with work and trying to increase my programming skills. Anyway today I brought you people a nice PHP Class which could improve your sites performance by helping you handle css and javascript’s.

Let’s assume you have your own CMS system with a lot of templates and you haven’t yet coded a logic to seperate css and javascripts for your various templates, currently all your templates load the same css and javascript etc which are being fetched out of arrays, files or something else “That’s waste of bandwidth and can cause a lot of hours resolving javascript conflicts etc” this is the moment my class can help you¬†separate¬†things.

Let’s say you have 3 templates: section, home and article and you want each of them to have their own css, javascripts with the class I wrote you will be able to do something like this.

$site = new Configuration();

$site->css = array(‘section’ => array(‘first.css’, ‘second.css’, ‘third.css’),
‘home’ => array(‘style.css’),
‘article’ => array(‘jquery.css’, ‘tools.css’, ‘grid.css’)

$site->js = array(‘section’ => array(‘first.js’, ‘second.js’, ‘third.js’),
‘home’ => array(‘super.js’),
‘article’ => array(‘jquery.js’, ‘tools.js’, ‘grid.js’)

with the code above we have just associated css and javascripts to three templates, this code part comes usually comes into your bootstrap-per or config files whatever your CMS uses to initialize classes and stuff.

Let’s also say you also have a variable which holds the current template name let’s call it $template now with this variable we can do something like this.

$template = ‘section‘;
$site->get_output(‘css’, $template); // This function returns html output it also has a third parameter which if false returns an array please return to the source code and read the parameter comments.

this part would be called before the <head> tag ends on your page, after you would view the source code you would see that all scripts for this template are loaded of course you still need to make create a template logic by that I mean a variable which holds the template name to automate the process and also the path to the css and js need to be changed but this is all easy done because I’ve included a small template logic to the class that lets you easy manipulate with it and also add your custom script templates (preffix and suffix) as you will see from the source code but also you will see that I have used PHP’s magic getter and setter functions which will let you add custom arrays for many different things but all this can only be achieved by further exploring the class.

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”first.css”>
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”second.css”>
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”third.css”>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”first.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”second.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”third.js”></script>

I wont further explain the class because I seem to confuse everything I’m kind tired so take a look at the source code which includes a working example code.

I welcome every kind of feedback or suggestions, also If you have your own algorithm that handles the logic of implementing js and css scripts let me know I would like to learn more.

Here’s a little screenshot I’ve took

This image shows only dummy tests.

If you like to download the file it can be found here it also includes a working example of the code, but the code is self explaining so you wont have trouble using it.

Here’s also a Pastebin link

P.s. sorry for my bad English, but I’m pretty tired ^.^

MikScanner v0.1 (MikroTik Scanner)

Okay first off all hello everybody.
I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something on my blog.
Anyway in this post I want to show you one of my new Python Script’s it’s called
MikScanner and it’s used to scan a given list of IP’s for MikroTik RouterOS for those who don’t know what MikroTik is, Google is your friend.
It’s an 2 and half hour project that’s why the code might be optimized to it’s best but I will try to make the next version much better it will also include a default log-in test.

Okay enough said here’s a screenshot like always:











The script can be found HERE


[+]Scans a list of IP’s for Mikrotik
[+]Grabs the Banner
[+]Saves Results to file

I really welcome any kind of feedback and suggestions.

PrevInstance for VB.NET & C#

Okay this is a fast small snippet as you know some functions that we had in vb6 are missing in vb.net like the PrevInstance so i wrote a small replacement for it and here is it. I Know i should have checked it by the Mutex or Semaphore but like i said this is the fast version ūüėõ

    Function PrevInstance() As Boolean
        Return IIf(UBound(Process.GetProcessesByName(Process.GetCurrentProcess.ProcessName)) > 0, True, False)
    End Function
    public bool PrevInstance()
	return (Information.UBound(Process.GetProcessesByName(Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName)) > 0 ? true : false);

Rapidshare Account Checker v0.2

Okay for those who liked the Rs Account Checker Script here’s the v.02,fixed a thew bugs and made the code much more clear then it was berfore.
Also made the output look nicer, added a future so you’ll be able to save the output when you use the single account Check.

I also have to thanks a lot Kim Bruning for his help on this version, his my (Python Mentor) but he still don’t know it :P.

the new script can be found Here

For any suggestion’s or found bugs please post a comment or mail me.

Rapidshare Account Checker v0.1

Okay hello everybody a lot of time has past since i last posted anything, anyway I’m kind of bored this days haven’t coded anything useful for months or learned anything interesting anyway to not change into a total freak i thought i start and refresh a little my python skills so i did and this is the result of it.

It’s only a simple python script that helps you to check “You’re” Rapidshare Account or a list of¬† “You’re” Rapidshare Account to verify if there still working or not, anyway enough said if you find any bugs or want me to change anything leave a post or e-mail Me.







The script can be found here.

Link: PastBin