Wardriving (Bus Version)

A while ago I was coming to our capital city from my home home town 83km  away, on that way I thought why not monitor all wireless devices, because I’d always wanted to know how (in)secure the wireless devices over here were, and as I watched the AP number increasing while drinking a half warm coke.

I saw that in general people thought that an simple WEP protection is enough for them to feel secure xD, even thought WEP is known to be a buggy and weak security algorithm, people use it a lot here and everywhere else.

From 805 wireless devices I’ve been able to capture during the drive, were 363 with no security at all! from the remaining 442 where only 37% with an WPA/WPA2 protection, all the rest relied on an easy to break WEP protection.

Here bellow you’ll see a thew screens I made in the middle of the road while monitoring.



If someone has done any similar scans in his city, I’d love to know the number of (in)secure wireless connections :).


Huge Smilies in MSN Personal Message.

This tutorial allows you to have big default msn emoticons in your personal Message but this works only fur Msn.

copy this into your msn personal message and set your smiley in between of the cubes like here:

⃡:P ͋

⃡ ͋

copy this into your msn personal message

⃡ ͋

and put your emotion in the middle of it. 🙂

Like this

⃡:P ͋

Twitter Banned Password List

Okay it’s one of those days I’m bored as hell so i surfed through the Internet and land on Twitter… yeah i was totally bored that’s why i went there.
Okay after that i wanted to make an account just entered some random info and then the password hmmmmm choose a stronger password okay once again an easy one again the message choose a stronger password okay, I was a little interested on what passwords are not allowed so i thought step one View the Source Code of the page the passwords that are not allowed could be stored in another file.
But not i just scrolled down and yap the array with passwords i can’t use.
And yeah “Simplicity at its Best”.
And yeah I’m still bored that’s why i post this here so i have how to waste a couple minutes of my life 😛