[Chrome Packaged App] Mirror Mirror (WebRTC Experiment)

Hello everyone,

Tonight I was trying to finish one of my extensions Mirror Mirror, which does nothing more then just show you, yourself xD really useless extension xD.

Well I was enthusiastic because of the new WebRTC  API and that was the whole reason why I started the extension, but today I found out that chrome extensions still don’t support WebRTC!!!!!! (Men don’t cry).

But then I’ve heard that packaged apps support the WebRTC  API so I thought why not do an packaged app instead? hmmm…. and yeah I did it!.


Okay, the baby is cool…. so here’s the app, if you ever have to run out for a date xD or whatever else and need to check fast how you look, use it. In case you don’t have real mirror emmmm.

Link to packaged app: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mirror-mirror/fejppkniooabkfljalenaojjjhaadhbi?hl=en-US

And as usual a screenshot:


If anyone, likes the app and has ideas or some feedback feel free to comment.

P.s. If the app doesn’t function you either have no webcam or your browser doesn’t support it yet.


[Chrome Extension] Facebook uStalk

Hello everyone, it’s been a while :D.

So today I was playing around with the Facebook API which showed me a lot of information regarding myself. Information like indexes, names and images so muchhhhh information Facebook just loves you. Well I wont go into much details tonight, as I’m a little tired. But I will tell you this while playing around with the API, I wrote an extension which provides a list of all your friends, which you really really like (stalk). This little extension will present a list with your friends and an index displayed. Based on the number of how often you visit a friend (Past and Present) that index is calculated, don’t ask me how I still don’t know.  In the extension itself is a information note which shows you how to use the extension.

As always I welcome and kind of suggestion and bug reports.

Cheers and good night!


Chrome Extension:

P.s. Tomorrow I will fine tune the index I will try to make some calculations to it, I also might sort the output so there’s no miss understanding.

[Chrome Extension] HTTP Status Codes

Well, hello everyone it’s been a while.

I hope everyone of you had a great slide into the new year, so the first post for 2013 will be about a new extension I’ve wrote for Chrome. It’s called HTTP Status Codes, and it’s purpose is to provide you with information regarding HTTP status codes.

Yeah that’s all nothing more xD, why I wrote the extension? well I’ve caught myself visiting Google a lot to read about various HTTP status codes time to time, as I like to make things faster and easier for myself. I’ve took some time to code this extension, to fast access information about these so lovely status codes we use everyday. The extension also has filtering functionality to fast find your needed status code, it it also the first extension in which I used AngularJS it’s kick ass!

I will try to use this great JavaScript library a lot in my projects this year so expect the unexpected! as always I will make a blog post about things I think are interesting to anyone of you. So back to the extension as usual here’s a screenshot showing the usuage of the extension

http status codes

And here’s the extension HERE

Also for those of you who’d like to build something similar, I have prepared a JSON Object with various kind of information regarding http status codes, because I’m the nice guy and I love to share (“Don’t ask me for money I’m a programmer”) the JSON data can be found on this link here PasteBIN ready to be used.

As usual I welcome any kind of suggestions or feedback.

[Chrome Extension]Reverse IP Domain Check

Okay, here’s another small nifty chrome extensions of mine, with this nice looking extension you’ll be able to do a reverse domain check which means you’ll be able to find out which other domain names are known to be hosted on the same server as you.

The extension can be found HERE and here’s a little screenshot with the extension in action.

As usual thanks for any kind of suggestion or feedback, enjoy.

[Chrome Extension] Down For Everyone Or Just Me

Okay it’s been a while since my last post, which was pretty only a mini snippet today I will post something more useful at least I think so I’ve been using this site for a quit while almost everyone has used it once or more I’m talking about www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com

I found it sad that there was no chrome extension to check wherever a page is down or not, so I’ve decided to take a thew hours to code it on my own. I must say I haven’t asked the owner of the site because I found no contact information to ask him but If he sees this please inform me If you want me to remove this extension. This extension uses the site down for everyone or just me to check if a site is down for everyone or just you it response with a text saying Site is Up or Site is Down.

To install the plugin click here also here’s a screenshot of the actual plugin if you have any suggestion to improve this plugin please let me know

AF RS LinkChecker v0.1

Okay yesterday night i had nothing to do, no movies to watch so i thought let’s code something fast, and this is it.
A Rapidshare Link Checker so I’m pretty tired wanna go to sleep so here a screenshot:

and the Download Link: Here

If you have any suggestion’s or find any bugs, please let me know I’m also Open to suggestion’s.