Password complexity rating by Google

Hello everyone,

Well here’s another fast post for tonight, I was just resetting a password to one of my gmail accounts, and while doing that I’ve noticed a few AJAX requests that were been made by gmail while i was typing the new password.

Hmmmm I thought, let’s take a look at the requests that are being send (“The Prodigy – Voodoo” playing in the background I get the feeling….), and voila I found out how Google rates it’s password complexity.

It does a post request to this URL: 

which returns then a integer value between 1 and 4, so why not use Google to rate the password complexity? when your to lazy to do it yourself.

Almost forgot here’s also the function used by Google to show you how strong your password is by showing you a message and a progress bar indication.

function updatePasswordBar(rating) {
var ratingClasses = new Array(6);
ratingClasses[0] = ‘short’;
ratingClasses[1] = ‘weak’;
ratingClasses[2] = ‘fair’;
ratingClasses[3] = ‘good’;
ratingClasses[4] = ‘strong’;
ratingClasses[5] = ‘notRated’;

var bar = document.getElementById(‘strength-bar’);
if (bar) {
var message = document.getElementById(‘passwdRating’);
var barLength = document.getElementById(‘passwdBar’).clientWidth;
bar.className = ratingClasses[rating];
if (rating >= 0 && rating <= 4) {  = (barLength * (parseInt(rating) + 1.0) / 5.0) + ‘px’;
message.innerHTML = ratingMessages[rating];
} else { = 0;
rating = 5;

I’m not telling you to use Google’s service to rate password complexity, I’m just showing you where Google does it.

So I’m not responsible if the FBI runs into your home one day, and you’ll end up in a cold cell, where you get tortured each day for using Google’s stuff MUHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!

crazy laugh


And also are some screenshot’s  of the AJAX Requests because I looks so much geekier (^.^)

Google 1

Google 2


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