[Chrome Extension] Facebook uStalk

Hello everyone, it’s been a while :D.

So today I was playing around with the Facebook API which showed me a lot of information regarding myself. Information like indexes, names and images so muchhhhh information Facebook just loves you. Well I wont go into much details tonight, as I’m a little tired. But I will tell you this while playing around with the API, I wrote an extension which provides a list of all your friends, which you really really like (stalk). This little extension will present a list with your friends and an index displayed. Based on the number of how often you visit a friend (Past and Present) that index is calculated, don’t ask me how I still don’t know.  In the extension itself is a information note which shows you how to use the extension.

As always I welcome and kind of suggestion and bug reports.

Cheers and good night!


Chrome Extension:

P.s. Tomorrow I will fine tune the index I will try to make some calculations to it, I also might sort the output so there’s no miss understanding.


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