[Chrome Extension] HTTP Status Codes

Well, hello everyone it’s been a while.

I hope everyone of you had a great slide into the new year, so the first post for 2013 will be about a new extension I’ve wrote for Chrome. It’s called HTTP Status Codes, and it’s purpose is to provide you with information regarding HTTP status codes.

Yeah that’s all nothing more xD, why I wrote the extension? well I’ve caught myself visiting Google a lot to read about various HTTP status codes time to time, as I like to make things faster and easier for myself. I’ve took some time to code this extension, to fast access information about these so lovely status codes we use everyday. The extension also has filtering functionality to fast find your needed status code, it it also the first extension in which I used AngularJS it’s kick ass!

I will try to use this great JavaScript library a lot in my projects this year so expect the unexpected! as always I will make a blog post about things I think are interesting to anyone of you. So back to the extension as usual here’s a screenshot showing the usuage of the extension

http status codes

And here’s the extension HERE

Also for those of you who’d like to build something similar, I have prepared a JSON Object with various kind of information regarding http status codes, because I’m the nice guy and I love to share (“Don’t ask me for money I’m a programmer”) the JSON data can be found on this link here PasteBIN ready to be used.

As usual I welcome any kind of suggestions or feedback.


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