[PHP] IP Blocking Class

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last post so it’s time for a new one, yesterday night I had a nice beer and a good idea on writing a little class to help me block ip addresses ( I know that I can do it with htaccess). I’ve done it in php since I wanted to have a little more control and I had the idea on further expanding it in the future, so enough said here’s the code, as usual feedback and any kind of suggestions are welcome, I wanna give out a big thx to my bro Denat my always tester.

The code can be found: Here


2 thoughts on “[PHP] IP Blocking Class

  1. Greetings, to instantiate the class gives an error. Can’t find the class

    • can you please paste the error here, are you sure your including the class file in your php project also do check the file path you include.

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