MikScanner v0.1 (MikroTik Scanner)

Okay first off all hello everybody.
I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something on my blog.
Anyway in this post I want to show you one of my new Python Script’s it’s called
MikScanner and it’s used to scan a given list of IP’s for MikroTik RouterOS for those who don’t know what MikroTik is, Google is your friend.
It’s an 2 and half hour project that’s why the code might be optimized to it’s best but I will try to make the next version much better it will also include a default log-in test.

Okay enough said here’s a screenshot like always:











The script can be found HERE


[+]Scans a list of IP’s for Mikrotik
[+]Grabs the Banner
[+]Saves Results to file

I really welcome any kind of feedback and suggestions.


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