Ok this is a little function i wrote a while ago, it’s use it to decode TinyURL’s to their original so have fun with it.

‘ Module : mDecodeTinyURL
‘ DateTime : 03.11.2009 02:46AM
‘ Author : Kreshnik Hasanaj
‘ Mail :
‘ Purpose : Decode TinyURL to Original URL
Option Explicit
Public Function DecodeTinyURL(TheURL As String) As String
Dim HTTP As Object
Dim StrOut As String
Dim sBuffer() As String

Const DecURL As String = “”

Set HTTP = CreateObject(“Winhttp.Winhttprequest.5.1”)

.Open “GET”, DecURL & “?input=” & TheURL & “&dec=Decode”
StrOut = .ResponseText
End With

sBuffer() = Split(StrOut, “”””)

DecodeTinyURL = sBuffer(5)

Erase sBuffer

End Function


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